I have been walked on and I have been forgotten.

I have been used and I have been taunted.

I have been loved and I have been broken.

I have been the source of strength & the cause of weakness.

Yet ask me if I regret any of it and I will tell you truthfully that I do not.

My life has taught me lessons that I may have never learned.

I learned how to tell the phony from the sincere.

I learned the meaning of friendship and family.

I learned that pain only lasts forever if I allow the memories to.

I learned that I have a choice in what sorrows linger in my mind.

I have learned to love thyself first and everything else will follow.

I have learned that I am human and with being that comes mistakes.

I have experienced things that I did not want to.

Only to realize later that they occurred when they needed to.

Life was never promised to be a book bound by love or happy moments.

Each page is a new day.

Each day a new beginning.

New lessons to learn with every turn.

Through it all I will stand tall with my feet firmly planted.

For life was only promised to ever be a gift that should never be taken for granted.

Neither you or I know exactly how many gifts we have left to open.

So, know that each gift is always worth it.

Worth the pain and the happiness that you might gain.

Be thankful now.

For everything life has and will give you,

because a thank you that is said tomorrow doesn’t count for today.

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