The Embodiment of Ambiguity

I was thinking of starting with the tired cliché of “Who Am I?” but honestly I think it’s more interesting to figure things out about a person based off of what they don’t tell you up front. To me it makes the unknown just that much more interesting. Ambiguity does in fact lead to curiosity and of course we’ve all heard that curiosity killed the cat. Yet what I’ve always wondered what the cat was thinking by letting curiosity kill it. I’d like to think that the felines thoughts were “Would I rather die later just being curious about the secrets that I desire to know or do I want to take a chance in this life and embark on a journey sparked by curiosity to uncover the truths that I so desire? I think I’ll take the latter choice. ” I love meeting new people because much like the cat I begin to ponder about who they might be and that is all I’m gonna tell you about me in this post. If you want to learn more I guess this is where you decide if you’re feline enough to follow your curiosity and read on.

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